Tucker Patch Growers
The Tucker Patch Growers is a food producers group that aims to provide consumers with locally grown food, at affordable prices with minimal packaging.

The group is committed to supporting food growers from the Mid North Coast region by providing them with a consistent market for food that's grown to organic and sustainable principals.

We have a passion for locally grown food and the benefits of seasonal eating. We believe that sustainable organic farming is the future and that together we can provide the freshest, healthiest and most delicious food to everyone.

Reducing packaging, waste, synthetic chemicals and food miles is good for the environment, and the reduced carbon footprint is good for the planet.

Who Can Join?
The principles of the Gloucester Project apply to Tucker Patch Growers and growers must be a current member of the Project. If you agree with our principles, we'd love you to join us.

As the Gloucester Project is a regional development solution based on sustainable food production, the Tucker Patch Growers includes suitable food growers from all over the Mid North Coast and hinterland.

Our growers range from small-scale producers with just a little excess produce, up to commercial scale producers.
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How to Join
Call the Tucker Patch Growers Coordinator Aled Hoggett on 02 6558 5557 for more details.
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Tucker Patch Growers see how its done